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TThese are two similar processes that are often confused with each other.

Essentially the Butt Welding process brings together two ends to be joined - these ends need to be clean and flat (the surfaces need to lie together neatly) to allow for an even distribution of heat resistance across the joint. Electrical current and pressure are applied together to make the weld. This is a process often used in tube joining and continuous feed processes.

In Flash Butt welding the two ends do not need to match precisely. The two ends are brought close together so that the current arcs between them, giving localised heat at the flash points. As the ends become plastic they are then forced together to form the weld. This is a much easier process to use when ends do not match precisely but users need to be protected from the flashing caused and any splash of material during the joining.

Here at Brouwer Metaal Ireland we can offer a full range of wearing parts for Butt Welding and Flash Butt Welding machines. From Copper Blocks and Clamps to Laminated or Wire Shunts and Cooled Cables, we will be delighted to discuss your requirements. See the relevant sections in our Resistance Welding area for more information, or contact us with your enquiry.
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