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The essential difference between Projection Welding and Spot or Seam is that in Projection Welding the two pieces being joined do not lie flat together with the requirement of localising the current. Instead the parts meet only at certain points so that the current will automatically be localised in these places - taking one variable out of the welding process. Cross-Wire Welded products use this method of Resistance Welding, for example, Structural Steel mesh, wire Shopping carts and wire Trays. Also nuts and bolts are commonly fitted to other metal parts using this method and Heat Exchanger units can be assembled in a single operation using the Projection Welding method

Brouwer Metaal Ireland can offer all types of Projection Welding blocks - from flat pieces to precision-engineered parts. We will be happy to assist in producing the perfect part for your application.

As with all Resistance Welding applications, Brouwer Metaal Ireland also offers many other wearing parts (in Copper Alloys and Brass) for the Projection Welding machine.
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