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This process has been used for many years, but in the last decade has become most common in Refrigeration Processes, Air Conditioning and many Light Engineering applications. The Gas Flux System supplied by Brouwer Metaal Ireland essentially allows liquid Flux to be vaporised and introduced directly into the fuel line in (hand) torch brazing so that the flux arrives at the joint within the flame. The advantage of this is a much cleaner joint where Flux residue is minimal, meaning that little or no cleaning is required post-braze.
Another advantage is that, because the flux is constantly being fed to the joint, higher-temperature brazing alloys can be used than with normal pre-applied flux (where the paste will burn off above 800C). This means that lower-grade alloys can be used, with a corresponding cost saving.
The gas flux system is commonly used for brazing copper-to-copper and copper to mild steels, normally using a suitable Brass Alloy or Copper Phosphorous Alloy. This System is also easily adaptable for Automated Brazing Systems.

Gas Flux System Vaporiser supplied by Brouwer Metaal Ireland

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