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Seam Welding

Brouwer Metaal Ireland is a major European supplier of Seam Welding Wheels for many industrial applications.

Both Brocadur CCZ and Brocadur CCNB are commonly used alloys in Seam Welding with the CCNB Alloy being especially useful when joining stainless or heat resistant steels. We will be happy to assist you in finding the alloy best suited to your application.
We also supply most other wearing parts for Resistance Welding machines such as, Electrode Holders and Blocks, Laminated or Wire Shunts, and Air or Water-Cooled cables, all manufactured to customer's specifications. More detail on these can be found in our Resistance Welding area.
We supply most Copper and Brass wearing parts for Resistance Welding Units so please contact us if you have an enquiry about any such item, we will happily quote from drawing or sample piece.

A sample of a welding wheel design showing dimensions normally required.
Welding wheels can be produced according to drawing or sample.

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