Brocadur CCZ
Brocadur CCNB
Brocadur B20
Brocadur CNCS
Brocadur WK
Brocadur CCNB

Common Uses:
  • Electrodes for resistance and roller seam welding especially of stainless and heatresistant steels
  • Upsetting electrodes, electrode jaws and UP nozzles
  • Sealing clamps and plates for plastic welding machinery
  • Plungers in cold chamber die casting machines (light metal casting)
  • Dies for non-ferrous metal casting
  • Nozzles for hot cannel systems
  • Inserts in plastic blow moulding and plastic injection moulding

  • Condition Solution heat-treated hardened
    Hardness (mean) HB 10/2,5 approx. 150 220-280
    Tensile Strength N/mm2 250-370 650-900
    Apparent yielding point N/mm2 140-210 550-800

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